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Support the Northwest Film Center

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Each year, the Northwest Film Center serves 80,000 people through screenings, classes, and youth outreach programs.

A donation to the Northwest Film Center supports:

  • Our year-round exhibition programs, including the Portland International Film Festival, the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, thematic series, and filmmaker retrospectives.
  • Students of all ages finding and cultivating their personal voices as storytellers through education programs and community collaborations that advance media literacy and engage the next generation of filmmakers.
  • Artist residencies and community partnerships that bring film to youth – many of them low-income high school students – across the state and region.
  • Regional filmmakers through exhibition programs, low-cost equipment rentals, and networking opportunities .

Your gift of any amount is fully tax deductible and qualifies for the Oregon Cultural Trust Tax Credit.

Donate Now


Join the Silver Screen Club

Support the Northwest Film Center by joining the Silver Screen Club and enjoy benefits like free year-round admission, Portland International Film Festival access, special screenings and events and more.

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Equipment Donations

Looking to make a tax-deductible donation of your filmmaking equipment? Have a look at our wish list below and get in touch with us by phone at 503-221-1156. Please make an appointment ahead of time with the Equipment Manager ( to arrange for dropping off equipment.

  • HD to 4K digital cine cameras
  • Super 8 and 16mm cameras
  • Lomo processing tanks
  • HD Projectors
  • LED light kits
  • Cine Lenses (16mm or 35mm)
  • Filter sets
  • Lowel or Arri lights/kits
  • Audio gear (cables/recorders/mics/etc.)
  • Carpeting
  • 6 foot tables
  • Banquet chairs in bulk

And remember that a gift to the Northwest Film Center and to the Oregon Cultural Trust entitles you to claim the Oregon Cultural Tax Credit.