scholarship-photoSupport the next generation of NW Filmmakers

Scholarships are an essential part of the Film Center’s education and outreach efforts, providing much needed tuition assistance to low income children and teens attending summer film camps and after-school classes, professional development for emerging artists, and support for individuals exploring film as they transition from poverty to self sufficiency.

Fostering our mission of serving a broad cross-section of the community, scholarships make it possible for film-interested individuals from diverse backgrounds to learn the tools of filmmaking, apply concrete skills in creative self expression, and develop technology and media literacy regardless of economic circumstances.

Every year we receive many more scholarship requests than we can possibly support.

To meet this need, in celebration of our 45th Anniversary in 2016-2017, we are seeking to grow our annual Scholarship Fund from $10,000 to $45,000.

A $45,000 Scholarship Fund will make it possible for:

  • 35 YOUTH to attend film camps and enrichment classes
  • 15 TEENS to attend the college-prep MEDIA ARTS ACADEMY
  • 25 ADULTS to begin their studies through entry level classes
  • 15 ADULTS to continue their studies through advanced classes
  • 20 EMERGING ARTISTS to receive professional development services and recognition for their work

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