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The Whitsell Auditorium and the Northwest Film Center Equipment Room are closed to the public in an effort to further stem the spread of COVID-19. All classes canceled until further notice. Stay connected to art, film, and more by signing up for our newsletter.
Your membership materials should arrive to you no later than two weeks after your purchase. Upon purchasing your membership, you will receive either an online receipt, a paper receipt, or, if you have joined or renewed by phone, an email confirming your purchase of membership. You may show any of these proof of purchases at the ticketing podium or box office until your membership materials arrive. If there are extenuating circumstances, or you need a rush delivery of your materials, please call Meg at 503-276-4246. We’re always glad to help!

All memberships automatically expire a year from the last day of the month during which the membership was purchased. Therefore, if you joined on January 3rd, 2016, your membership would expire on January 31, 2017. If you would like to renew your membership early, we just tack on an extra year to your current expiration date, regardless of when your early renewal is made.

The exception to this is memberships purchased during the month of March, specifically during the Portland International Film Festival (PIFF). To ensure that members have access to only one PIFF during their membership cycle, we set March memberships purchased before or during the Festival to expire on February 28 of the next year. So if you want to get the most out of your membership, be sure to join early!

Members at the Director level or above are welcome to pay for their membership in monthly installments. There are no extra fees or add-on’s; the membership amount is simply divided by twelve and the charges are run every month on the 15th. Please call Meg at 503-276-4246 if you would like to set up an installment plan!
Membership makes a fantastic gift! Typically, a gift giver will receive a letter with tax-deductible information in it, and the gift recipient will receive a separate letter with their membership materials. If you would like to present the membership materials to the gift recipient yourself, we encourage you to email or call Meg (; 503-276-4246) to arrange delivery.
Members at the Producer level and above receive a reserved seat in the Whitsell, and a reserved seating section in theaters during PIFF. Reserved seats are held until 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the film, at which point they are released to the public.
Occasionally, film distributors will reach out to us with an invitation for our members to attend an advance screening of an upcoming film, and we pass along the invitation to you. Unless specified, these events are not run by the Northwest Film Center or our staff and are operated on a first-come, first-served basis. You will print off your invitation (or show it on your phone) for your admission.

We like to think that one of the perks of Silver Screen Club membership is that you do not have to reserve tickets ahead of time. The way we make this happen is that for every screening we sell a certain portion of tickets online, save a certain portion of seats to be sold at the box office on the day of the screening, and reserve a certain portion for Silver Screen Club members. For the vast majority of screenings, this means that you will not have to reserve a place and will be admitted to the screening without a problem.However, there are two exceptions to this rule: one, if the show has a special pricing structure (which will be noted on the film’s web page), in which you may need to purchase tickets, or two, in the event of an unusually full or busy show, during which we may run out of the allotted Silver Screen Club seats before you are able to be admitted. While we always do our best to avoid this, sometimes it happens! We advise you, therefore, to plan on arriving early if you are concerned about a show selling out. If you want to check how many tickets have been sold to a certain screening you may always call Meg at 503-276-4246.

Unfortunately, since Top Down has a special pricing structure, you will need to purchase tickets for any non-member guests. Members at the Supporter level or above, however, may enjoy the regular free admission to Top Down, and will not have to reserve tickets.
PIFF ticket vouchers are only made available during the Festival (so that we can make sure it has the current artwork!) They are available to be picked up at the PIFF Advance Ticket Outlet, located in the lobby of the Mark Building, 1119 SW Park Ave. The ticket vouchers are NOT tickets–they must be exchanged for tickets to the films you want to see. You will receive an email before the Festival with more detailed information about ticket vouchers and PIFF.
The Portland Art Museum and the Northwest Film Center have separate membership programs–however, Art Museum members can enjoy $1 off of all Northwest Film Center tickets!

The Northwest Film Center recognizes and honors the Indigenous peoples of this region on whose ancestral lands the museum now stands. These include the Willamette Tumwater, Clackamas, Kathlemet, Molalla, Multnomah and Watlala Chinook Peoples and the Tualatin Kalapuya who today are part of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and many other Native communities who made their homes along the Columbia River. We also want to recognize that Portland today is a community of many diverse Native peoples who continue to live and work here. We respectfully acknowledge and honor all Indigenous communities—past, present, future—and are grateful for their ongoing and vibrant presence.