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Q: How often and when do you offer classes?
A: Classes and workshops are offered year round. We operate on a quarter system, similar to Portland State University.
Fall Term begins the third week of September and ends just before the holidays. Online registration opens mid July.
Winter Term begins the third week of January and ends at the end of April. Online registration opens mid November.
Spring Term begins the first week of April and ends in mid-June. Online registration opens mid February.
Summer Term begins the last week of June and ends in late August. Online registration opens mid April.

Our one and two day workshops or other special intensive classes are offered throughout each term.


Q: What are some of your regularly offered classes? 
A: We have some of our regularly offered classes and workshops listed here.


Q: When can I sign up for upcoming classes?

A: Classes are generally posted online and open for registration two months prior to class start. Registration takes place online. When a class is open for registration you will be able to add it to your cart and proceed like any other e-commerce site.


Q: Do I have to be admitted to the Northwest Film Center to take classes?
A: No, the Northwest Film Center is open to all on a first-come, personal interest basis. The majority of our offerings are for first-time and beginning students. As long as there are no pre-requisites listed, just go ahead and sign up for a class.


Q: Is the Northwest Film Center accredited?
A: No. The Northwest Film Center is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization which is recognized widely for its more than 40 years of service to the Northwest community. Because we are not accredited this means we do not offer Financial Aid.


Q: Can I receive college credit for classes taken at the Film Center?
A: There are opportunities to receive college credit if you are currently enrolled at Portland State University, Pacific Northwest College of Art, or Marylhurst University.


Q: How many students are usually in a class?
A: It depends on the specific class or workshop, but generally between 10 and 16. If there is a specific limit to a class size (due to equipment access), the enrollment limit will be posted on the individual class registration page.


Q: I’m a high school student. Can I take a class?
A: Generally speaking, adult level courses are designed for students 18+. In some instances, however, we will authorize high school students ages 16+ to participate in the adult classes. If you are interested in discussing options for teens in adult classes, please contact us and ask to speak with the Education Programs Manager.


Q: Do you offer scholarships?
A: Yes, we generally have scholarships available for both adult and youth filmmaking students. Take a look at our Scholarships page for more info.


Q: What is your Refund & Withdrawal Policy?

For Adult Level Classes & Workshops

Class is six sessions in length or more:

Five business days before first class an 85% refund is available.

Two to four business days before first class a 70% refund is available.

One business day before first class a 50% refund is available.

One to two business days after first class a 50% is still available.

More than two business days after first class no refund is available.

Class is one to five sessions in length:

Five business days before first class an 85% refund is available.

Two to four business days before first class a 50% refund is available.

One business day before first class a refund is no longer available.

* Please note that there is a different Refund and Withdrawal policy for our Camps for Kids & Teens.