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Directed by Tomek Ślesicki

A film about first love and the things we do for it.

Ave Maria

Directed by Basil Khalil

The silent routine of five nuns living in the West Bank wilderness is disturbed when an Israeli settler family breaks

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Baling Baling

Directed by Lawrence Johnson

In rice fields of the Indonesian island of Bali, farmers keep the birds away with rhythmic noisemakers, plastic bags, and

Ballet Spiral

Directed by Sam Asaert

An eerie journal through a frozen moment of ballet.

Balmoral Hotel

Directed by Wayne Wapeemukwa

The life story of a First Nations sex worker is conveyed via a ragged daytime dance through Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.


Directed by Golan Rise

Two young officers at a checkpoint are confronted by two women from a “Watch” organization intent on disruption.

Bear Story

Directed by Gabriel Osorio

An old, melancholy bear tells his life story through a mechanical diorama.

Beauty & The Sea

Directed by Ivy Lin

Sensitively filmed and edited, this portrayal follows an elderly woman and her daily wanderings, from getting a haircut to buying

Best of the 42nd Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

Each year, following November’s Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, a program of shorts tours the Northwest region to find new audiences and

Best of the 43rd Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

Directed by Various

The Best of the 43rd Northwest Filmmaker’s Festival features a few of the best short films from 2016. This touring

Best of the Shorts

Directed by Various

This is a selection of the PIFF 39 audience's favorite short films. Films may not be presented in the order

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Best of the Shorts

Directed by Various

This program features the best short films from the 37th Portland International Film Festival—as voted by audiences during the festival.