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An Evening with Jodi Darby

Directed by Jodi Darby

Portland filmmaker and educator Jodi Darby has been making festival rounds with her award-winning 2014 documentary Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence

An Evening with Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society

Directed by Various

The Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society (JUMP), is Juneau’s premier independent film organization. Though their creative spirit and energy more

An Evening with Kelly Sears

Directed by Kelly Sears

Kelly Sears’ experimental animation cuts up and collages imagery from American culture and politics to intervene with the history embedded

An Evening with Kurtis Hough

Directed by Kurtis Hough

Winner of the 2014 Oregon Media Arts Fellowship, Portland filmmaker Kurtis Hough’s work blends animation, documentary, and the surreal into

An Evening with Orland Nutt

Directed by Orland Nutt

VISITING ARTIST—Portland’s Orland Nutt is a prolific filmmaker whose uniquely accessible experimental short works burst with an otherworldly sprightliness, humor,

Antipodes Rising

Directed by Georg Koszulinski

Traveling through a tunnel on a mountain road in Alaska becomes a portal for an alternate vision of the Pacific

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Anxious Oswald Greene

Directed by Marshall Axani

Oswald Greene visits a fantastical clinic to address his crippling anxiety and his fate falls into the hands of a

Approximately Nels Cline

Directed by Steven Okazaki

Best known as the lead guitarist of Wilco and one of the most adventurous musicians on earth, Nels Cline is

Arca Archa

Directed by Sarah El Bakkouri

A man alone in an apartment experiences a series of visible internal changes and alternate realities

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Archival Screening Night

Directed by Various

The Association of Moving Image Archivists, an international association dedicated to the preservation and use of moving image media, is


Directed by Nathan Sonenfeld

A baby tells its father what it dreams to become in life.


Directed by Mauro Carraro

In a surrealist, backlit scene, swimmers and birds witness the spectacle of the dawn, hypnotized by the music of a