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5 Meters 80

Directed by Nicolas Deveaux

This delightful animated fantasy pairs animal life with an aquatic sport to beguiling effect.

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7246 120′ WE

Directed by John Woods

What are the odds that a roll of unexposed 16mm film would be found in an alley by someone like


Directed by Kimberly Warner

A young ballerina glimpses a hidden truth about her future as she teeters between light and dark, order and chaos.

A Beginning, A Middle, and An End

Directed by Jon Behrens

A truck explodes into a kaleidoscope of painted, optically printed animation.

A Distant Episode

Directed by Ben Rivers

A meditation on the illusion of filmmaking, shot behind-the-scenes on a film being made on the otherworldly beaches of Sidi

A Girl’s Own Story

Directed by Jane Campion

Beatlemania has taken hold of three Australian teenagers as they try to navigate the adult world they’re about to enter

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A Love Story

Directed by Brandy Svendson

This moving story of loss in the early days of the AIDS epidemic celebrates the timelessness and universal qualities of

A Mew Hope

Directed by David Koesters

A star fighter and her cat, who doubles as spaceship, must escape an army of soldiers in their own furry

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A Tale of Momentum & Inertia

Directed by Kirk Kelley, Kameron Gates

Rock Giant holds the fate of a small coastal village in his hands.

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A Tale of Two

Directed by Bolen Miller

Two brothers fend for themselves when a possessed parent tries to break down their bedroom door.

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A Tropical Sunday

Directed by Fabian Fibezzo

It’s Sunday and crowds of eager children line up for rides at the fairground. Among them are four street kids

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A Whole Future Together

Directed by Pablo Remon

Two bankers who have sold a substantial amount of preferred shares have a conversation at a bar. One of them,