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Level Five

Directed by Chris Marker

French film essayist Chris Marker (La Jetee, A Grin Without A Cat, Le Joli Mai) singular place in cinema is


Directed by Mario Peixoto

Revered as perhaps the greatest Brazilian film ever produced, Brazilian novelist Peixoto’s lone film is deeply expressionistic, created following a

Lincolnshire Groove

Directed by Jasper Thun

The secrets of the Cold War still linger…in miniature. I like history, the fall of the Soviet Union, maps, and

Lost, Lost, Lost

Directed by Jonas Mekas

Covering the years 1949-1963, this trove of “lost” material features Mekas’s arrival in New York and the subsequent hand-to-mouth years;

Mad Ladders

Directed by Michael Robinson

Heavily processed video footage from 1980s and early 1990s awards ceremonies are blended beneath the prophetic ramblings of an unseen

Malden Ave & E Mercer

Directed by Luke Sieczek, Citizen Minutes

Seattle poet Sarah Galvin performs their poem “Contents of My Pockets After an Evening of Communicating with the Dead” while


Directed by Ute Aruand

An observational portrait of the filmmaker’s dear friend.

Maya Deren Short Films

Directed by Maya Deren

Maya Deren’s work as a filmmaker, programmer, writer, ethnographer, and lecturer became a catalyst for an entire movement of avant-garde

Maya Deren’s Divine Horsemen + Two Shorts

Directed by Maya Deren

In the late 1940s, Maya Deren took increasing artistic control over her films, including detailed scripts and shot plans, seen


Directed by Stuart Eagon

A little city symphony in 16mm black and white that portrays people, buildings, parks and streets with photographic sensitivity and

Memory & Observation

Directed by Various

This program of old and new explores memory, observation, and film’s unique and varied abilities to visualize the act of