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Directed by Brian C. Short

An impressionistic mélange of natural and urban landscapes shot mostly on Super-8 between Seattle, eastern Washington State, Berlin, and Utah.


Directed by Liam Bonds

From Ballard High School An exploration of a young man's  internal battle with insecurity and anxiety. I got the initial

Electronic Elsewhere: Videos by Carl Diehl

Directed by Carl Diehl

Portland filmmaker Carl Diehl, a founding member of the audiovisual group Weird Fiction, works in re-tooling narrative and documentary conventions

Emotions, Life & the Collective Unconscious: Films by Jennifer Hardacker

Directed by Jennifer Hardacker

Spanning a course of 20 years, Jennifer Hardacker’s films weave together pointed sound design, animation, video projection, and images shot

End of the World

Directed by Various

The artists in the Vancouver-based Iris Film Collective create, exhibit, and tour film-based works—single channel, sculptural, installation—with the goal of

Fading Landscapes: The Films of Linda Fenstermaker

Directed by Linda Fenstermaker

Working primarily in 16mm and Super 8mm film, experimental Seattle filmmaker Linda Fenstermaker explores the interactions and relationships between body

Family Crypt – A Love Letter to My Mother

Directed by Maria Lang

The filmmaker as daughter speaks about herself, her family, and their love, despite invisible walls and barriers.

Sat, Oct 19

Five Dedicated to Ozu

Directed by Abbas Kiarostami

A piece of driftwood on the seashore, carried about by the waves. People walking on the seashore. The oldest ones


Directed by Ismaïl Bahri

To describe Foyer as composed of a single obstructed shot of a Tunisian government building is technically accurate, but the

Gradual Speed

Directed by Els van Riel

In Els van Riel’s Gradual Speed, the image in each vignette appears through time much like a photograph developing while

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Ground London

Directed by Dustin Morrow

Explore the eco-urban tourist landscape of one of the world’s most visited cities from a perspective less than three inches