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Blind Spots

Directed by Amanda Thomson

A woman’s voice sketches out an enigmatic romance while the camera gets lost in the patterns of sunlight on windswept

Broken Tongue

Directed by Mónica Savirón

An ode to freedom of movement, association, and expression is created through images culled from each January 1st issue of


Directed by Salise Hughes

Through manipulated footage of the classic film CHARADE, Hughes contemplates identity and celebrity.

Chasing the Wild Boar: Films by Julia Oldham

Directed by Julia Oldham

Julia Oldham, who works in New York City and Portland, is both a scientist and an artist. Using both spheres

Cinema Concret

Directed by Makino Takashi

Inspired by the techniques of musique concrète, Takashi forms abstract images made from concrete ones visualized as a shimmering portal

Cinesonika: Celebrating the Soundtrack

Directed by Various

Cinesonika is a semi-annual conference at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC that showcases new experimental of film and video

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Cold Light Day

Directed by Dayna Hanson

In this dreamy dance film, two men exchange cake and dance steps on a quiet marina dock.

Color Aid

Directed by Richard Serra

Color Correction

Directed by Margaret Honda

Created entirely from color-timing tapes (the unseen shadow of a release print) of an unnamed Hollywood studio film, Color Correction

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Directed by Lou Watson

Watson suggests looking sideways at the everyday to become re-enchanted with place and self.