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The Somnambulists

Directed by Mark Andres

Self-described as a “kinographic novel,” The Somnambulists combines stylized drawings, inter-titles and music to fashion an intriguing combination of graphic

The Thief of Mirrors / Looking For Love in the Hall of Mirrors

Directed by Daniel Barrow

Since the early '90s, Daniel Barrow has developed a unique style of "manual" animation, layering and manipulating his intricate drawings

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The Unclouded Organs

Directed by Rob Shaw

A song from the rock band The Unclouded espouses organ donation with the help of stop motion insects.

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Time Being I-VI

Directed by Barbara Sternberg

Brief moments of being, fleeting bits of the surrounding chaos.

To See More Light

Directed by Kurtis Hough

Geological formations of land and sea become a study in light, dark, and the enchantments of photographic sight.


Directed by Claire Mackie, Daniel Ortiz, James Vancuren, Mutte Chen

Striving for perfection, piano practice turns to obsession.

Towards the Possible Film

Directed by Shezad Dawood

A study in parallel universes set as a hazy golden dream in which blue-skinned astronauts emerge from the ocean waves


Directed by Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker

An exploration of our timeless relationship with the natural world as a young farmer entangles herself among the flowers, shot


Directed by Richard Reeves

A direct-animation exploring the relationship between sound and picture, inspired by the two lights inside film projectors.

Two by Michael Snow

Directed by Michael Snow

Presented in conjunction with an exhibition of the work of Yuji Agematsu which runs through June 29, these two rarely

Une jeunesse allemande (A German Youth)

Directed by Jean-Gabriel Périot

“The arresting, eloquent persuasion of Ulrike Meinhof emerges full force from this brilliant debut feature by Jean-Gabriel Périot who culled


Directed by Etsuko Ichikawa

A character encounters a uranium orb in the forest. Responding to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the filmmaker questions the