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The Corporation

Directed by Mark Achbar

Based on a book with the revealing subtitle “the pathological pursuit of profit and power,” this chilling and never-irrelevant doc

The Crossing

Directed by George Kurian

A first-hand account of the perilous journey made by a group of Syrian refugees. Traversing land and sea on an

The Day Don Died

Directed by Sean Horlor, Steve Adams

An exploration of the bizarre and wonderful events surrounding the death of a jazz singer in a retirement community for

The Departure

Directed by Lana Wilson

Set in the gorgeous countryside of Giju prefecture, Japan, Wilson’s (After Tiller) film follows Ittetsu Nemoto, a former punk and

The Devil’s Horn

Directed by Larry Weinstein

From Adolphe Sax’s workshop of the 1840s to the legendary era of jazz and bebop, the saxophone was forbidden (even

The Disappearance of My Mother

Directed by Beniamino Barrese

Benedetta Barzini wants to disappear. An iconic fashion model in the 1960s, she became a muse to Warhol, Dali, Penn

The Eagle Huntress

Directed by Otto Bell

Among the isolated Kazakh tribe in the mountains of northwest Mongolia, only men have practiced the long tradition of eagle

The Exhibition

Directed by Damon Vignale

In 2006, Pamela Masik began to paint massive, gruesome portraits based on a police poster of 69 missing women—many of

The Final Inch

Directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky

Nearly 50 years after a vaccine for polio was developed in the United States, the polio virus still finds refuge

The Final Year

Directed by Greg Barker

In 2016, filmmaker Greg Barker was given unprecedented access to the key people on the foreign policy team of the

The Force

Directed by Peter Nicks

Winner of the Documentary Directing Award at the Sundance Film Festival, Peter Nicks (The Waiting Room) spent two years embedded

The Forgotten Space

Directed by Allan Sekula, Noël Burch

Based on Sekula’s “Fish Story,” a large-scale exhibition of photographs and accompanying texts depicting the international seabound shipping trade, THE