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Irma Vep

Irma Vep

Directed by Olivier Assayas

A twin portrait of both the acclaimed Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung as well as the French film industry as

Carmen from Kawachi

Directed by Seijun Suzuki

A 1960s riff on the opera Carmen (including a rock version of its famous aria “Habanero”), this picaresque tale sends

Two Dosas

Directed by Sarmad Masud

A date in an Indian restaurant goes off menu.

Ave Maria

Directed by Basil Khalil

The silent routine of five nuns living in the West Bank wilderness is disturbed when an Israeli settler family breaks



Directed by Stepan Altrichter

Based on the short story “Julius Schmitke”, Schmitke blends mystery with comedy on a remote mystic land, exposing the inner

Home Care

Directed by Slávek Horák

Writer-director Slávek Horák’s mother, a home care nurse, inspired the central character of this insightful feature debut. Working in the

Smoke Signals

Directed by Chris Eyre

Director Chris Eyre’s (Cheyenne/Arapaho) monumental first feature—the first commercially-released American feature written, directed, and co-produced by Native Americans—presents two young


Directed by Ramesh Sippy

Often credited as the most popular film in the history of India and perhaps the one with the greatest impact


Directed by Raj Kapoor

Known as “The Showman” by his contemporaries, Raj Kapoor produced, directed and starred in some of the most lasting classics

The Thin Yellow Line

Directed by Celso García

Winner of the Audience Award at the Guadalajara International Film Festival, The Thin Yellow Line is the buddy-comedy story of

Right Now, Wrong Then

Directed by Hong Sang-soo

Film director Ham arrives in Suwon a day early for a screening and speaking engagement. Roaming about, he meets a