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Directed by Joseph Litzinger, Eric Michael Schrader

United States, Montana 2019 78 mins. In English

What began as an assumed spam email at a local radio station—something along the lines of a Nigerian prince asking for money—turned out to be a very real request by a Zulu prince from Nongoma, South Africa to visit the town of Butte, Montana in the hopes of growing cross-cultural connections between his tribe and the world. Dark Sevier, DJ at Butte’s KBMF independent radio station, upon realizing the very realness of the communication, invites Prince Sbo and his two colleagues Nkokhelo Msomi and Mokai Malope to visit the mining town of some 30,000 people. What transpires is an eye-opening journey in which people from very different worlds come together, and through an attempt to grow and learn from one another, foster a culture in which a whole town seemingly transforms. In an age of continual diatribes on divisiveness, Zulu Summer is the story of how curiosity and acceptance prevailed during one summer, enriching the lives of two communities.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Northwest Tracking