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Directed by Claire Simon

France 2018 100 mins. In French with subtitles

Documentary filmmaker Claire Simon returns for a third time to the subject of French school life in her latest feature Young Solitude. At the Lycée Romain Rolland in Ivry-sur-Seine, a modest suburb just south of Paris, young voices take the lead as a group eleventh-graders interview each other in an improvised format about love, family life (or lack thereof), and hopes for the future. Candid and thoughtful with a tinge of melancholy, the mostly working-class kids find comfort in sharing with each other: about a parents’ recent divorce, how one was adopted from Nigeria, longing for connection with a father, or getting by on one’s own. Rarely are adults featured or introduced, creating a safe space for these intimate glimpses into lives on the verge of adulthood.

Filmography: At All Costs (1995), A Foreign Body (1997), Mimi (2003), Ça brûle (2006), God’s Offices (2008), Human Geography (2013), Le bois dont les rêves sont faits (2015), The Competition (2016)

Sponsored by TV5Monde and the AC Hotel Portland