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Directed by Arwen Curry

United States 2018 68 mins. In English

Ursula K. Le Guin (1929–2018) is one of America’s finest writers. Early in her career, she sought to break the gender barrier in male-dominated science fiction and did so thrillingly, quickly racking up awards and writing a long string of unforgettable novels like The Earthsea Trilogy, The Left Hand of Darkness, The Dispossessed, and The Lathe of Heaven. Through her writing, Le Guin offered readers a glimpse into new forms of life, questioning the dominant narratives of her time (and ours) and offering a staunchly anti-capitalist, utopian view of human, plant, and animal life. Le Guin and her beloved husband Charles lived in Portland since 1958, becoming two of the city’s most cherished residents. First-time director Arwen Curry’s loving, grounded portrait of Le Guin probes deep into her life and work, offering a primer for the uninitiated and new avenues of interpretation and moments of nostalgic joy for her innumerable longtime fans.

Filmography: First feature

Sponsored by Adelsheim Vineyard and Morel Ink