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Join Women in Film PDX as they present their fourth annual member screening, in which recent films made by members will be screened amongst a handful of curated films by women directors. Come early for a reception at 6pm and stay for an insightful post-screening dialogue.

Films to be screened include:

The Joy Block by Joanie Fox

Living with Wildfire: An Oregon Story by Erin Galey

Under Her Wings by Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath

“I Try” by Devin Febbroriello

Erin Roche Galey by Erin Galey

Karaoke People by Jen Tate

When Pigs Fly (Trailer) by Linda Freedman

Mariah, Sage & Gavin by Marla Sidrow

Giants by Luz Carasa

Briar Rose by Helen Driftmier

Brave New Voices by Ivana Horvat

Nest by Ivana Horvat

The Musicianer by Beth Harrington

Appears in: Northwest Tracking