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Directed by Benedikt Erlingsson

Iceland, France, Ukraine 2018 101 mins. In Icelandic, Spanish, English, Ukrainian with subtitles

In Erlingsson’s confident follow up to his 2013 debut Of Horses and Men (PIFF 37), Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir (Metalhead) stars as Halia, a choral teacher living a double life as an environmental terrorist. Spurred on by foreign investments and expansions in a local aluminum plant, Halia seizes the moment and begins a series of attacks on the electrical lines that allow the facility to pollute the Icelandic countryside. Complicating her efforts to harmonize the dissonant halves of her life, Halia receives news that the long-awaited opportunity to adopt a child from Ukraine has finally been approved. “Deftly balancing its whimsical comedic tone and dramatic heft, Woman at War is a unique, engaging thrill ride with plenty of heart.” —Matt Bobkin, Exclaim. Iceland’s foreign-language Oscar submission.

Filmography: Of Horses and Men (2013)