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Directed by Wim Wenders

West Germany 1967 90 mins.

Before delving into the world of feature filmmaking, Wenders got his start with several short films made in the last years of the 1960’s, which he shot on both 16mm and 35mm film stock. The films include the structuralist experiment in color entitled Same Player Shoots Again (1967); Silver City (1969), one of Wenders’ student films, comprised of a series of window shots from his Munich residence set to 78r PM records found in his school’s attic; the “slapstick” Police Film (1969), dealing with the police response to Munich’s 1968 student riots; the mysterious Dylan- and Coltrane-inspired Alabama: 2000 Light Years From Home (1969); and 3 American LPs (1969), which explores the relationship between the German landscape and American rock ‘n’ roll.