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Directed by Damian Szifron

Argentina 2014 122 mins. In Spanish

Living up to the expectations of the title, Damián Szifrón’s outrageously entertaining anthology of six blackly-comic short stories packs a buzz-inducing wallop. Though each is unconnected from the other, they share thematic unity in their tales of frustration, bestial revenge, and the past coming back to haunt in escalating fashion. There is a betrayed bride, a road rage incident gone to hell, a meltdown with the Buenos Aires parking patrol, two passengers on a plane making a very uncomfortable discovery, and a waitress meeting someone from her past she would rather not see. Produced by Pedro AlmodÓvar and possessed with over-the-top flair, this portrait of Argentinians on the verge has the laughter of universal recognition. This year’s Argentinian submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.