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Directed by Andy Ridgway

Oregon 2017 60 mins. In English


For over 20 years, DJ Wicked has hosted a weekly celebration of all things hip-hop. In a city not necessarily known for its thriving hip-hop scene, DJ Wicked and a group of dedicated DJs and fans have steadily built a community that tests this notion. Kicking off with Wicked Wednesday’s 19th anniversary party, director Andy Ridgway taps into the soul of why this event has persisted for so long. Twice during the making of the film, venues were pulled, and yet these stalwart spinners persevere and continually find new homes for this long-standing celebration of music. While everyone agrees that love for the music is strong, they also point to the dedication of one man who has carried the event through two decades: DJ Wicked. Director Andy Ridgway will be in attendance.