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Directed by Kornel Mundruczo

Hungary 2014 119 mins. In Hungarian

Man’s best friend becomes his worst nightmare when war breaks out between humans and dogs. After teenage Lili’s father decides to abandon her dog Hagen on the street, we follow the lost canine as he tries to find his way home, making friends with fellow strays and evading the relentless dog-patrol only to be captured by an organizer of dog fights. Hagen is put through the brutal torture of being trained as a fighting dog, driving him past sanity and spurring him to lead his fellow dogs in a revolt against their oppressors. An ambitious morality play of epic impact featuring the most stunning performances by dogs (250) you will ever see, White God screened in Un Certain Regard program at Cannes, where it came out top dog. “The movie takes a leap into bold political metaphor, offering up a memorable image of the great unwashed gone (literally) barking mad.”—New York Times.