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Directed by Akihiko Shiota

Japan 2016 77 mins. In Japanese

The Nikkatsu Roman Porno film—a subset of the broader “pink film” genre—has a long and not-quite-illustrious history, having been inaugurated in 1971 by studio head Takashi Itamochi in an effort to exploit new public desires. Recently, the studio commissioned several features intended to pay homage to the original wave of Roman Pornos—and Wet Woman in the Wind is the most successful, and possibly most audacious, of this new wave. B-movie specialist Akihiko Shiota thrillingly directs this ramshackle tale of a back-to-the-land writer Kosuke (Tasuku Nagaoka) who’s fed up with life—and people—in Tokyo. When a mysterious woman (Yuki Mamiya) enters his life under the most absurdly arbitrary of circumstances, Kosuke jadedly and incessantly shrugs her off, but she doesn’t give up so easily (mentally and physically). As Kosuke’s hard-fought solitude becomes increasingly intruded upon, what else can he do but give in? Wouldn’t we all? “A formal genre exercise with energy to spare, and a cheerfully dirty mind,” featuring “an astonishingly athletic performance from both Mamiya and Nagaoka. An absurdly enjoyable film.”—Jonathan Romney, Film Comment. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Screens with Master Blaster, 2015, dir. Sawako Kabuki, 4 mins.

Genres: Erotic Drama