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2018 68 mins.

Curated by:

Courtney Sheehan

Former Executive Director, Northwest Film Forum

Director Megan Griffiths (SADIE, LUCKY THEM, EDEN) once coined the term “crewtopia” to describe the close-knit, supportive vibe among independent filmmakers who are constantly helping each other out, working on each other’s projects for the love of the art (and each other)…Such a cultural atmosphere is critical for generative, creative, sustainable art-making!

Visiting Filmmakers: Etsuko Ichikawa

A reception prior to this film will take place in the Film Talkers’ Lounge in the Andrée Stevens room at the Portland Art Museum.

Films in this Program

Medieval Martha Stewart

Directed by Taylor Hawkins

Since childhood, Josh Brock has been fashioning weapons of war; countless knives, swords, and axes line the walls of his

Malden Ave & E Mercer

Directed by Luke Sieczek, Citizen Minutes

Seattle poet Sarah Galvin performs their poem “Contents of My Pockets After an Evening of Communicating with the Dead” while

Space and Other Things We Kind of Understand

Directed by Juliana Bojorquez, Morgan McDougal, Christian Krantz

Three young brothers are asked some of life's big questions about marriage, careers, death, and Saturn's moons.


Directed by Brian C. Short

An impressionistic mélange of natural and urban landscapes shot mostly on Super-8 between Seattle, eastern Washington State, Berlin, and Utah.

World’s Next Door

Directed by Champ Ensminger

A look into the process of artistic baton passing, where inspiration from the music that relates to Seattle awakens a

Rendering by LIMITS

Directed by Corrie Befort, Jason E. Anderson

Sound, space, and movement emerge as characters in a hypnotic, parallel universe that yields unusual psychological and physical states.


Directed by Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker

An exploration of our timeless relationship with the natural world as a young farmer entangles herself among the flowers, shot


Directed by Etsuko Ichikawa

A character encounters a uranium orb in the forest. Responding to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the filmmaker questions the