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Cable television broadcaster Max Renn (James Woods) discovers a pirate TV station that behaves like an opiate capable of twisting and rending both mind and flesh. An effective further extrapolation on Cronenberg’s body horror meditations on sex, disease, and “the new flesh,” Videodrome was the great leap forward for the Canadian auteur, gaining him critical praise and a wider audience without sacrificing his transgressive vision. “Cronenberg’s Videodrome is the most important film of this generation. Time has only reinforced its audacity”— Olivier Assayas, The Village Voice. “Anyone born and reckoning on dying needs to confront Cronenberg.”—Douglas Thompson.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror

Other Films by David Cronenberg

Dead Ringers

In one of Cronenberg’s finest—and creepiest—efforts, Jeremy Irons unforgettably stars as twins Elliot and Beverly Mantle, both gynecologists in private practice. Elliot, the slick womanizer of the two, regularly seduces patients and turns them over to the reserved, introspective Beverly. Claire (Geneviève Bujold), a famous actress, consults the Mantles about her inability to have children—but