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Directed by Denis Côté

Canada 2013 95 mins. In French

Deep in the snow-covered backwoods of Quebec, 61-year-old Vic is trying to escape her criminal past. Fresh out of prison and searching for solitude, her refuge is shattered when fellow ex-con and younger lover Flo comes to stay—bringing with her chaos, violence, and a madcap reckoning with the life they left behind. Part lesbian love story, part revenge thriller, and part oddball comedy, Vic + Flo Saw a Bear is an unclassifiable film by one of Canada’s equally unclassifiable auteurs. “A rich, humane, surprising film [that] manages to mix the drollery of Wes Anderson, the genre swagger of Tarantino, and the opaque narrative of Bruno Dumont in one intriguing package.”—Screen Daily. Winner of the Alfred Bauer Prize, given to a film that “opens new perspectives on cinematic art,” at the Berlin International Film Festival.