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Directed by Todd Haynes

United States 1998 120 mins.

“This witty, evocative re-creation of the heady days of glam rock is loosely structured on the lines of a Citizen Kane-style flashback narrative, with a journalist (Christian Bale) sent back from New York to Britain to investigate, ten years after, the disappearance of Bowie-like star Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) after an onstage assassination is revealed to be a hoax. Partly a film à clef which translates real-life events and personalities into a dazzling fiction, partly an unsentimental celebration of an era of potentially pan-sexual liberation (complete with unexpected but fitting tribute to Oscar Wilde), and partly a Haynesian study of transgression, identity and the gulf between public and private image, it is superbly shot, edited and performed, and exhilaratingly inventive throughout.”—Time Out.

Genres: Drama, Music

Appears in: 32nd Reel Music Festival