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Directed by Phillip R. Ford

United States 1991 85 mins In English

After receiving an order to investigate a crime on the all-female Pleasure Planet, a group of male astronauts, led by Captain Dan Tracey/Tracey Daniels (Doris Fish), must change their sex and go undercover as mid-20th century showgirls in order to help Empress Nueva Gabor (Ginger Quest) recover the gems she uses to keep the planet in stable orbit. With alternately impressive and campy DIY techniques and enrapturing set design, Phillip R. Ford, Doris Fish, and the Sluts-A-Go-Go weave an entrancing, campy, and psychedelic drag-in-space vision. “No rollers in public, no flat shoes, and shoot on sight anyone wearing beige.”

Followed by a trailer for the upcoming documentary Dear Doris, about Doris Fish and the making of Vegas in Space, with a Q&A with local filmmaker Scott Braucht.