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Directed by Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen

Norway 2018 109 mins. In Norwegian with subtitles

Six-year-old Aslak (Adam Ekeli) lives in a remote Norwegian village where someone or something has been slaughtering sheep. Much to the distress of his mother (Katherine Fagerland), he runs wild with a much older boy who tells him that a werewolf has been littering the countryside with corpses. Gathering his courage, Aslak heads into the forest to see for himself. Director Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen imbues his debut feature with a childlike dream logic that offers visual and atmospheric callbacks to such touchstones as The Night of the Hunter and Spirit of the Beehive. “Gorgeously rendered on 35mm film, shot on location in the particularly foreboding western peninsula of Norway, it is hard to believe it is a first feature.” —Kurt Halfyard, Screen Anarchy.

Filmography: First feature

Content warning: scenes of violence