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Directed by Michael Snow

Canada 1970 65 mins.

Presented in conjunction with an exhibition of the work of Yuji Agematsu which runs through June 29, these two rarely screened films by Canadian artist Michael Snow, one of the most influential experimental filmmakers of the last 50 years, reflect on the found-object aesthetic of Agematsu’s work. Side Seat Paintings Slides Sound Film (1970) is, in Snow’s words, “a 20-minute film made of the projecting and verbal identification of slides of paintings in various media made by myself from 1955 to 1965. It is not autobiographical. The film is a recycling, a conversion which, by employing the illusion of temporal alteration that film and sound recording make possible, becomes a new experience.” A Casing Shelved (1970) consists of one still 35mm slide photograph narrated by Snow, who meticulously describes the contents of a bookshelf in his studio space, one that was featured in Snow’s landmark structural film Wavelength (1967).

Genres: Experimental