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  • Directed by Cesc Gay
  • Spain/Argentina, 2016, 108 mins., Spanish/English

Goya Winner for Best Film, Director, Actor, and Screenplay, Truman is a warm tale of friendship in the face of imminent mortality. Julián (Ricardo Darín), diagnosed with terminal cancer, is making the most of the time left to him. Tomás (Javier Cámara), who lives in Toronto, returns to Madrid unsure of how he can best serve his old friend. The two men wander old haunts, recall the past, try putting right a few old wrongs, and most important of all, seek a new owner for Julián’s beloved bullmastiff, Truman. Their rapport brings gentle laughter in a very moving story that earned the Audience Prize for Best Film at this year’s Portland International Film Festival.  

Reviews: Variety, The Guardian UK, Hollywood Reporter, Indiewire

Filmography: A Gun in Each Hand (2012), In the City (2003), Nico and Dani (2000)

Genres: Drama

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A Gun in Each Hand

A Gun in Each Hand is a witty and brutally hilarious collection of portraits of 40-something men and the changing gender roles of contemporary Spanish society. S. tries to woo back the ex-wife he divorced for another woman; P. gleefully preys on the inappropriate advances of a coworker; L. is slow to catch on that his