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Trouble Every Day

Sex and violence bleed together in Claire Denis’ erotic horror tale of an American scientist (Vincent Gallo) on honeymoon in Paris. His ulterior motives bring him into the orbit of Coré (Béatrice Dalle), a mysteriously seductive and dangerous woman. As a series of men are pulverized by sexual encounters with Coré, the parallels between her and the tourist pursuing her become unsettlingly clear. “Denis shoots this grisly-erotic roundelay in her distinctively woozy and elliptical style. The deepest connections between characters emerge from silence as opposed to dialogue—Shane gazing hungrily at a hotel maid’s neck, Coré quietly enticing a fresh-faced neighbor boy into her boarded-up lair—while the groggy atmosphere, aided immeasurably by Agnès Godard’s grainy cinematography and the punch-drunk score of indie-rockers Tindersticks, keeps you constantly beguiled.”—Keith Uhlich, Time Out.

Genres: Horror, Thriller

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