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  • Directed by Carol Reed
  • United States, 1956, 105 mins., English

In TRAPEZE, a “picture that soars high, high, high above them all,” Lancaster returns to his first love, the circus, as Mike Ribble, a legendary high-wire trapeze artist who was injured during a show. Ribble still performs, but in a supporting role; Tino Orsini (Tony Curtis), an up-and-coming young American, now handles the big stunts in the company under Ribble’s tutelage. Lola (Gina Lollobrigida), a newcomer to the troupe, has big dreams like Orsini, but as a love triangle forms between the three and Orsini’s aspirations grow, Ribble’s support of his protégés begins to wane and the troupe’s future is left in serious doubt. Shot in both CinemaScope and color and featuring several thrilling action scenes, TRAPEZE is a film bristling with tension from an unexpected source.

Appears in: Forever Burt

Genres: Drama, Romance

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