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Directed by Christian Petzold

Germany, France 2018 101 mins. In German, French, French Sign Language with subtitles

Adapted from Anna Seghers’ 1944 masterpiece novel, with Transit Petzold transports the story of those fleeing the Nazis during WWII to modern-day Marseille—with a crucial twist. Franz Rogowski turns in a career-making performance as Georg, an average man trying to escape France. Asked to deliver papers to a subversive author, Georg instead becomes caught in an existential cat-and-mouse game, taking on the identity of a presumed-dead doctor and becoming involved with the doctor’s mysterious lover Marie (Paula Beer), who also longs to escape the increasingly claustrophobic confines of wartime France. Petzold, the unofficial leader of the “Berlin school” of filmmaking, delivers perhaps his finest work to date with the taut, crystalline Transit. “White-hot…lean, rigorous filmmaking.” —Steve Macfarlane, Slant Magazine.

Filmography: The State I Am In (2000), Wolfsburg (2003), Gespenster (2005), Yella (2007), Jerichow (2008), Barbara (2012), Phoenix (2014)

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