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Directed by Milos Radovic

Serbia, Croatia 2016 86 mins. In Serbian

Statistics show that during their professional career, most train drivers will inadvertently kill 20 to 30 people. Their victims are usually suicidal, careless, drunk, or just absent minded. In Radovic´’s deadpan black comedy, the Todorovic´ clan—train drivers for generations—keeps a respectful running body count, and visit the graves from time to time. Grouchy old Ilija (28 kills!) knows it’s not “if” but “when” his son Sima will run over a suicide, and the lad knows it too. It’s a foreboding that complicates his apprenticeship, and the old man resolves to make it easier on him. This year’s Serbian submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

Reviews: Cineuropa

Filmography: Falling in the Paradise (2004), A Small World (2003), Balkan Express 2 (1989)