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Directed by Reza Mirkarimi

Iran 2014 87 mins. In Farsi

Writer-director Mirkarimi provides a detailed, emotional snapshot of two individuals struggling for genuine connection: an aging taxi driver and a young woman coping with the struggles of being pregnant without a man. In the middle of a bustling Tehran afternoon, Youness is accosted by a desperate new fare: a frantic young woman named Sedigheh, begging to be taken to the hospital. A man of few words, Youness retains his stoic composure despite the young woman’s visible distress. Upon their arrival at the hospital he reluctantly escorts her inside in the absence of accompanying family members. As personal secrets are revealed throughout the night, his silent compassion and Sedigheh’s timid dependence will entwine. This year’s Iranian submission for the Best Foreign Language Oscar. In Persian with English subtitles.