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To See the Sea

  • Directed by Jiri Mádl
  • Czech Republic, 2014, 90 mins.

The charming directorial debut of Jiri Mádl claims instead to be the work of his film’s protagonist, intrepid 12 year old Tomáš. In fact, the whole film is presented as if it really were shot and edited by Tomáš, who dreams of becoming the next Miloš Forman. Tomáš is making a film about his family. By hiding a camera in his father’s home office, Tomáš discovers that he leaves the house on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, when Tomáš confronts his father about his behavior, he denies it. Tomáš’ best friend Haris also starts using a camera to document his family’s goings-on, albeit mostly in self defense. Ultimately, courage and friendship lead the plucky investigative duo to a final great revelation. . .

Appears in: New Czech Cinema

Genres: Comedy, Drama