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Directed by Arturo Ripstein

Mexico 1966 90 mins. In Spanish

Mexican cinema legend Arturo Ripstein’s directorial debut Time to Die, with a script co-written by Gabriel García Márquez, is a neglected Western, now restored and ready for reappraisal. Juan (Jorge Martinez de Hoyos), released from prison after serving 18 years for murder, returns to his hometown in hope of settling down and reconnecting with those he left behind, including Mariana (Marga Lopez), the woman he was poised to marry before his violent act. Juan finds that much has changed since he left, including Mariana’s intervening life and the two sons of the man he killed, both of whom thirst strongly for revenge. An existential parable dealing with issues of home, belonging, and personal honor as well as the emotional and historical legacy of violence, Time to Die is a taut and involving Western, featuring sensitive portrayals and shimmering black-and-white vistas.

Genres: Western

Appears in: Essential Cinema