Those Happy Years

Rome in the 1970s. Young Dario, 8mm movie camera in hand, captures the events that will forever change his family’s destiny. Guido (Kim Rossi Stuart), a narcissistic artist who dreams of being a famous artist, is too self-centered to see that his wife (Micaela Ramazzotti) is upset about all the time he spends with beautiful women in his studio. So it’s a rude awakening when she starts to entertain ideas of her own independent life and leaves for a “feminist retreat”—right after his big Milan gallery show disastrously implodes in disaster. Loosely based on his parents’ life, this wryly amusing drama of a couple’s emotional rollercoaster ride, played out before their bemused and occasionally horrified children, tells a universally recognizable tale of family stress while paying loving homage to the power of home movies shot on celluloid.

Genres: Drama, Historical