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Directed by Rob Reiner

United States 1983 82 mins. In English

Rob Reiner’s 1984 faux-documentary portrait of Spinal Tap, a tin-eared, British heavy metal band, practically spawned its own sub-genre of comedy filmmaking. Following the band on a comeback tour that’s not quite connecting with its dwindling fan base, the film savages not only its fictional subject, but also the music industry and metal culture as a whole. Featuring bombastic musical performances of poor taste “classics,” such as “Big Bottom,” “Sex Farm,” and “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight,” This Is Spinal Tap is a note-perfect skewering of rock ‘n’ roll ambition that also rocks like nobody’s business. “The result is 80 minutes of total joy, its momentum utterly uncompromised, every single second an invitation to snort uncontrollably.”— Jim White, The Telegraph.