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The Wonders

This modern-day film noir centers on a bartender who doubles as a graffiti artist in Jerusalem. Arnav enjoys whiling away the days with simple pleasures until he gets pulled into a mystery in his own apartment building. Spying a man seemingly held captive in a unit near his, he investigates and is soon taken down a rabbit hole into the seedy underbelly of Jerusalem’s criminal underworld. Earning artistic comparison to everyone from the Coen brothers and Tim Burton to Lewis Carroll and Carol Reed, Nesher has fashioned a taut thriller with striking original music composed by Avner Dorman and select recorded tracks by Israeli megastars Hadag Nahash.

Genres: Film Noir, Comedy, Thriller

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Past Life

Nesher’s (The Matchmaker, The Wonders) moving film confronts a trauma and burden of history that is still part of the Israeli present and deeply rooted in the collective subconscious. In ’70s Jerusalem, two daughters of Holocaust survivors investigate a taboo topic: their difficult father’s experiences in Poland during World War II. As they undertake a