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Directed by Robin Hardy

United Kingdom 1973 88 mins. In English

Named the #4 best horror film of all time by The Guardian, Robin Hardy’s cult artifact The Wicker Man is an accidental masterpiece that took decades to be acknowledged as such. Edward Woodward (Breaker Morant) plays a devoutly Christian police investigator trying to unlock the mystery of a missing girl on an island off the coast of Scotland. What he discovers is a makeshift pagan society whose musical and religious practices perturb him to the point of frenzy, while threatening both his worldview and, ultimately, his safety. With outstandingly creepy turns by Christopher Lee (Horror of Dracula) and Britt Ekland (Get Carter), The Wicker Man’s influence still rears its head in modern horror, most recently in Ben Wheatley’s Kill List. Forget the 2006 Neil Labute remake, Hardy’s original is an unshakeable film that doesn’t need Nicolas Cage or bees to make its odd magic both palpably real and beautifully disconcerting. “The Wicker Man retains its occult power, and remains as bizarre and bewitching a fable as when it first appeared four decades ago. Once seen, never forgotten.” – Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter.