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Directed by Michael Haneke

Germany, Austria 2009 144 mins. In German

Something dire is transpiring just below the surface of a charming, pre-World War I German village. A horse and rider are targeted, an infant goes missing, and other acts of banal cruelty are perpetrated without clear indication of who bears responsibility. Less the coming of age of a single child or group of children than of an entire generation of kids or, perhaps, an entire nation, Haneke places his focus here on the children who will have risen into adulthood during the Nazi era. Winner of the Palme D’Or at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and nominated for two Academy Awards (for cinematography and best foreign language film), The White Ribbon is an unflinching examination of the roots of evil, a mystery without resolution, and one of the most haunting films of the 21st century. “This is a profoundly disquieting movie, superbly acted and directed. Its sinister riddle glitters more fiercely each time I watch it.”—Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian. In German with English subtitles.