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The Untamed

A meteorite brings a strange creature with an ability to intensely satisfy sexual desire to Guanajuato, Mexico. Director Amat Escalante returns to the social realism of his 2013 feature Heli, which screened at PIFF 37, but mixes it with the genre influence of Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession for a potent meditation on homophobia, domestic violence, and other social ills. “Once it wraps its tentacles around you, The Untamed doesn’t let go—and you might not want it to.”— Michael Nordine, IndieWire

Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror

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Heli works at a car factory and tries hard to provide for his young wife, son, and sister Estela. Twelve-year-old Estela has fallen in love with a young police cadet with whom she wants to run away and marry. As she pursues her dream, one deadly mistake leads to another, and she unwittingly drags her