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Directed by Isabelle Dupuis, Tim Geraghty

United States 2019 92 mins. In English

In 1974, outsider musician Peter Grudzien made the first openly-gay country album, pressing 500 copies and selling few. Rediscovered in 2000, Grudzien had since fallen on hard times, but maintained his rebellious spirit—as this eye-opening, years-in-the-making portrait attests. Always an outsider, Grudzien grew up with few resources and in an unpredictable, tumultuous family situation. The Unicorn LP, a holy grail for record collectors, gained stature over the years after Grudzien’s initial failed attempt to sell his 500 copies out of a suitcase on the streets of New York. Although Grudzien never produced another album, he is still a magical performer, to which this intimate film pays appropriate tribute—warts and all.

Part of the 37th Annual Reel Music Festival.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Reel Music 37