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Directed by Adam Stillwall, Adam Pitman, David Blair, Nathaniel Peterson, Andrew Rizzo

Montana 2016 96 mins. In English

This Montana-made collaboration between five filmmakers is a fascinating experiment in method filmmaking—a mystery-thriller-horror-documentary that rides an enigmatic line between reality and drama. After receiving an unsettling postcard from an estranged friend living in a secluded commune, four filmmakers take their cameras into the wilderness of Montana to document the mysterious inner workings of the group. They witness something more shocking than they ever imagined. “To say anymore about what these free spirits and their documentarians find would ruin the film. Needless to say, the directors build suspense and inject a twist, which you expect, but it’s an inventive one that you have little hope of guessing.”—The Missoulian. The directors will be in attendance to introduce the film.

Genres: Narrative