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Directed by Daniel Barrow

2012 75 mins.

Since the early ’90s, Daniel Barrow has developed a unique style of “manual” animation, layering and manipulating his intricate drawings on overhead projectors. In THE THIEF OF MIRRORS, Barrow tells the story of a jewel thief who wears the mask of a sad clown. His deep, emotive eyes charge the mask with supernatural powers. So captivating is his expression that his gaze can permanently inscribe his visage in the glass. The work pays homage to the classic archetype of the “kissing bandit”—the cat burglar who creeps into women’s homes, collects their jewelry, and kisses them in their sleep, leaving them both violated and charmed. Exploring forgotten sexual mores and kitschy characters, Barrow walks the razor edge of irony, challenging systems of class and control in our culture.