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Directed by Jan Hrebejk

Slovakia, Czech Republic 2016 102 mins. In Slovak

In this intelligent and funny meditation on totalitarianism, the arrival of a new teacher at a Bratislava school in 1983 sparks a moral dilemma. As the highest-ranking Communist official in town, Mrs. Drazdeˇchová has power, and she uses it to blackmail her co-workers, students, and their parents for her personal gain. But the tide begins to turn when a few brave parents decide to speak up. A universal parable and a taut morality tale grappling with a recent Communist past, it smartly exposes the insidious and far-reaching effects of corruption at all levels of society

Reviews: Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Indiewire, Screen Daily

Filmography: Icing (2014), Honeymoon (2013), 4Some (2012), Innocence (2011), Up and Down (2004), Divided We Fall (2000)