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Directed by Tetsuichirô Tsuta

Japan 2013 169 mins.

Tokushima Prefecture’s Iya Valley, a stunningly beautiful natural area of southern Japan, is the true star of Tsuta’s tantalizing feature. The film follows two strands: Haruna (Rina Takeda), a teenage girl who, as a baby, was the only survivor of a wreck. Found by an older man (dance legend Min Tanaka) living a simple life in the mountains of Iya, she grows up and faces the choice of staying in the mountains, or move to big city Tokyo. Meanwhile, a massive industrial project threatens the delicate natural balance of Iya, and a young man arriving with hopes of a quieter life is drawn into a battle between a monolithic corporation and a group of protestors. Between the threads of the story, the film’s cinematography (shot on 35mm) ushers us into a fever dream of “instant and startling brilliance.”—The Telegraph, UK.

Genres: Drama