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Directed by Kirill Serebrennikov

Russia 2016 119 mins. In Russian

This scathing, pitch-black satire, set in the coastal city of Kaliningrad, follows Veniamin, a high school student who, as a reaction to the spiritual and material depravity he perceives around him, suddenly embraces Russian Orthodox Christian fundamentalism. He believes that everyone around him is morally bankrupt and confronts them with fanatically cited bible verses, bordering on extremism. His ideas seem harmless at first, but slowly they start to influence others around him and he manages to turn the whole system upside down, save his atheist biology teacher, the only one willing to take him on.

Reviews: Variety, Screen Daily, Hollywood Reporter, Paste Magazine

Interviews: Interview with Kirill Serebrennikov at No Film School


Filmography: Betrayal (2012), Yuri’s Day (2008), Playing the Victim (2006), Bed Stories (2005)