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Directed by Ramon Zürcher

Germany 2013 72 mins. In German

This droll, comic day-in-the-life chronicles a multigenerational family preparing a dinner in their Berlin apartment. Compared with siblings Karin and Simon, their parents, and their little sister Clara, the cat is ironically the paragon of normalcy. Clara displays her penchant for screaming, Mom flirts with the neighbor fixing the washing machine, doors open and close as in a bedroom farce, and family members scramble hither and thither. Putting the absurdities of daily life on display, seemingly unspectacular details are assembled into a surreal choreography of the quotidian that will leave audiences grinning at the film’s audacity and perfect execution. “Zürcher appears to be channeling the comic maestros of French cinema, from Tati to Gondry, with just a twist of Ozon to keep the sweetness in check…. A sunny delight from end to end.”—The Hollywood Reporter.